Ski and Snowboard binding installation and adjustment

Binding Adjustment

We provide expert ski and snowboard binding installation and adjustment.

Safety is our top priority.

  • Ski binding adjustment must be based on the skiers age, height, weigh, boot size and skill level. Based on this information we determine the required DIN* number and adjust the safe release level for the ski binding. A HIGH DIN setting will prevent the ski binding from releasing upon impact while a LOW DIN setting can allow the binding to unexpectedly release the ski boot. In conclusion, to reduce the risk of injury, a proper setting is mandatory. Furthermore, the binding must be adjusted for the boot length, assuring the ideal forward pressure. Some bindings also allow for toe "clearance" adjustment, to avoid wedging the boot under the front part of the binding assembly.

*DIN stands for the German Standard, and is the industry-adopted scale of release force setting for ski bindings

  • Snowboard bindings are adjusted according to riding direction, stance, riding style, shoulder width and boot size. These adjustments can be fine tuned by the boarder as they begin to ride their new setup, if they feel comfortable doing so.

We offer guidance in determining what is the best for each rider: REGULAR or GOOFY, we determine STANCE WIDTH based on body measurements, proper SETBACK (offset) on the board, and BINDING ANGLES for FORWARD STANCE and DUCK STANCE

Ski binding DIN setting          $15                                             

Ski binding installation on track and DIN setting       $20

Ski binding flat mount / remount and DIN setting      $50

Snowboard binding installation and adjustment        $20

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