Ski waxing and base grinding

Ski and Snowboard Tuning consists of several steps: base grinding, ski sharpening (base and side edge) and ski waxing.

Our ski and snowboard tuning shop uses high end, precision equipment to achieve all this.

Base Grinding:

To ensure flatness and an even, level base with the ski edges while removing minor surface scratches.

A high base usually occurs after several "base bevel" sharpenings without grinding or slight degradation of the edges.

Another important aspect of the base grinding is the base "structuring", and preparation for waxing.

Ski Waxing: 

Ski and snowboard waxes are designed to provide excellent glide performance along with long-lasting protection of the ski base.

We using VOLA RACING wax, Made in France, supplied by WINTERSTEIGER

Based on the customer's preference we can apply 4 different wax types - SAME PRICE.

Blue/Cold:        "Fresh Powder" -  below -8C

Yellow/Warm:  "Aged Snow" - between 0 and -8C for slopes that have not seen much fresh snow

White:               "Universal Wax"- will perform in most slopes and conditions with exceptional results

Red:                   "Spring Wax" - above 0C, in wet and heavy snow

We only offer HOT WAXING, since the wax has to penetrate the base, cold waxing will never do this.

Please express your preference of wax to be applied! All our waxes are the same price and high quality.

Specialty flourinated, high performance Swix and Toko Race Waxes can also be applied at extra charges.

Have Cross Country skis?  Yes, even the waxless XC skis need waxing, but less! We do that too.