Maintain your skis and boards in top condition by bringing them in regularly for sharpening and waxing.

Recommended ski sharpening angles for different skiers are listed on the SHARPENING page.

Waxing tips are given on our WAXING - GRINDING page.

For additional information on bidning adjustments, see our BINDING page.

Safety is our top priority, we strongly recommend to leave it in the hands of experts as we offer binding adjustments and installs.

  • Ski bindings have to be adjusted based on the skiers age, height, weight, boot size and skill level.
  • Snowboard bindings should be adjusted by riding direction, stance, riding style, shoulder width and boot size. These adjustments can be fine tuned by the boarder as they begin to ride their new setup, if they feel comfortable doing so.

Our rates are reasonable for the high quality service we provide and we are centrally located in Toronto, at Yonge and Lawrence.